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Well that’s what all our clients say so it must be true – check out our clients testimonials on this website or on our Facebook page (Trails for Tails CURRENT PAGE) if you don’t believe us.

Did you know that the Pet Care Sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Bet you’ve been on Google or Bing so you will have noticed that there are shed loads of Dog Walkers, Doggie Daycare and Home Boarding providers out there. But the real challenge for dog owners is finding the person we can really trust to look after our dog when we are at work or going on holiday. How can you separate the unscrupulous, dishonest and irresponsible providers from those you can trust.  We understand how difficult and worrying it can be because we have the same challenges ourselves when we go on holiday.

I’m Connie Rafferty and I have been running Trails for Tails since 2011. Through my work with dogs, ongoing studies and research I have gained an understanding of how dogs communicate and learn including tools and techniques for modifying behaviour, the importance of knowing about different breeds including their needs/instinctual drives and how owners through our behaviour, mood and energy levels hugely influence and shape our dog's behaviour. We encourage owners to communicate clearly with their dogs and be consistent with their rules and expectations to avoid confusion and inadvertently reinforcing unwanted behaviours.

I am a Certified Specialist in Canine Body Language, have an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Dog Training and am currently completing a Diploma in Health & Nutrition for dogs. In my spare time I work with a local Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviour expert who uses relationship based methods including positive reinforcement to build a mutually trusting relationship with their dogs.

Trails for Tails offers an exclusive service to our valued clients and a typical day at Trails for Tails will include:

  • Daily forest treks, fun in the fields or swimming down the beach
  • The dogs love our weekly visits to the Big Barn in Hailsham 
  • Regular basic agility in our garden 
  • Jumping into the Ball Pool to find those yummy treats
  • Hide and Seek in the garden - great fun and mentally stimulating
  • We have a separate exercise regime for puppies up to the age of 10 months old (5 minutes per month of age)
  • Lots of free play, fun and games in the garden or just chilling out (we have a quiet space for older dogs or puppies when they need to rest) - all dogs are supervised throughout the day.
  • Basic training (recall, sit, stay - using our special treats, play and lots of praise) - if you would like a FREE copy of our Tipsheet on training your dog to do a good recall click here
  • The Trails for Tails house includes a newly built spacious Dog Room (have a look at the slideshow below) leading onto a large secure garden including lots of shaded areas, a large open plan kitchen/diner and utility room where we supervise meal time for the dogs and prepare our special doggie treats (grain free kibble mixed with sardines or mackeral) - we use these special treats on our walks, training sessions or for stimulating games of hide and seek.
  • Trails for Tails provides an exciting social environment in which your dog will make new friends, learn new skills and improve their obedience, confidence and overall stamina.

If you are interested in any of our services give me a call on (07801 937335) or email me on and we can arrange for you to come and meet us and our fantastic dogs.

Our spacious and comfy Dog Room was completed in May 2018 and is a fantastic space for all the dogs 

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