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 Boarding Licence & Registration

Trails for Tails was granted a licence by Lewes District Council to Board up to ten dogs - Licence Number WK/201740172 - 5 star rating. 

Under the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 any person using their private dwelling to provide accommodation (home boarding for dogs or daycare for dogs) for other people's dogs requires a licence. The dog boarding licence is renewed each year so we have an annual inspection carried out by the Lewes District Council. The inspection is rigorous and thorough in order to ensure that the required standards and conditions are met.

  • Our house and garden are inspected for hygiene, safety and security to ensure that we are providing suitable accommodation for boarding dogs. 
  • Our boarding dogs must be provided with adequate food, water and bedding - feeding areas are inspected together with storage areas for food.
  • Dogs must be regularly exercised & supervised.
  • Fire extinguisher, fire blanket and cleaning products are inspected.
  • We must show that we have a plan in place in the event of a fire or other emergency so that boarding dogs are safeguarded.
  • All dogs must be up to date with their booster and kennel cough and copies of vaccination certificates must be available for inspection.
  • Boarding dogs must be protected from infectious diseases including providing isolation facilities and these are inspected.
  • A register of all boarding dogs must be kept and be made available for inspection.
  • Home Boarding establishments must be insured and insurance documents are inspected.
  • Our van used to transport dogs is annually inspected together with our first aid kit.
  • All dogs must have Trails for Tails ID Tags and dogs collars were randomly checked during the inspection.
  • All documents including dog boarding licence and insurance must be displayed.

Provided the premises meet all specified conditions, a licence will be granted.