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Puppy Daycare

At TRAILS FOR TAILS we accept puppies into Daycare from 12 weeks old or when they are out of the vaccination period. We offer the perfect environment for your puppy to socialise and develop into a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog. 

In Daycare we teach your puppy how to interact with adults, children & dogs & we introduce your puppy to different places & situations, sounds & smells – we work closely with pet owners to overcome problems with toilet training, play biting, chewing, jumping up and any other problems you may be experiencing. We help getting puppies used to being handled and do this in a fun and positive way making trips to the groomers and vets that much easier.

Your puppy will be supervised throughout the day and so will not be at risk of getting hurt or bullied by other dogs or puppies. During the day your puppy will play with other puppies and older dogs but we have a chill out space where your puppy can rest and sleep. We interrupt puppy play periodically during the day because uninterrupted play can lead to dogs that are too dog focused and not in your control. Puppies learn to listen and respond when distracted from play e.g. ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and are then rewarded when play resumes ’go play’. 

Your puppy will be fed separately from other dogs and we use feeding times as a training opportunity e.g. ‘come’,’ sit’, ‘stay’.

We will walk your puppy twice daily on a one to one basis and and use the five minute per month of age rule when deciding how long to walk your puppy for. At ten months young dogs can join the group dog walking pack for their daily walks.

We understand that choosing daycare for your puppy can be difficult so you are welcome to come and visit and see how we work and ask questions you may have (prior arrangement only).

All dogs in daycare and home boarding must be up to date with vaccinations including kennel cough and we ask clients to bring their pets vaccination card with them on the first visit.