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Daycare for Dogs

At TRAILS FOR TAILS we provide daycare for dogs for your dog whilst you are at work, shopping, having a day out with the children, moving house or simply having some 'me time'.

We offer two daycare sessions:

  • Short day - we pick up between 9.30/10am and drop back around 3/3.30pm (£15 per dog per day)

  • Long day - dog is dropped off around 8am and collected by 6pm          (£17.00 per dog per day)

All dogs in doggie daycare are walked for at least one hour in the morning and again in the afternoon for 20/30 minutes. All daycare dogs are transported safely and comfortably in our crated Citroen Dispatch Van (no overcrowding) and are walked in safe environments off lead if they do a good recal and we have the owners permission. Most of our doggie daycare dogs are whistle trained with the aid of treats and so are walked off lead.

Daycare for dogs and puppies helps to build confidence and social skills and as a result your dog will be more confident around other dogs, children and people etc.

We don't accept un-neutered/spayed dogs over the age of 9 months in Daycare, Home Boarding or Group Walks.

Before we accept new clients we will arrange a visit so that we can meet you and your dog and this gives you the opportunity to meet us and ask any questions you may have.
All dogs in Daycare and Home Boarding must be up to date with vaccinations including kennel cough and we ask clients to bring their pets vaccination certificate with them when they come for their first visit.

Have a look at the slideshow below showing some of our Doggie Daycare Dogs


Lucey Eastbourne - April 2017

Tilly is always so excited when she arrives at Trails for Tails which is a great sign that she enjoys her time spent with Connie and Kim. She has the chance to socialise with lots of other dogs throughout the day and comes home exhausted! Would recommend Trails for Tails for anyone after doggie day care. 

Di Seaford April 2017

Accommodation great, personnel friendly but professional. My rather unsocial dog enjoys her days at Trails for Tails and it has improved her sociability with other dogs. She comes home having had exciting and exhausting days and I'm extremely happy with the services

Jacqui Seaford April 2017

We have been using Trails for Tails since November 2016. They provide a very convenient, friendly, caring and helpful service, and have a true affection for their charges. I have recommended them to friends who are also happy to have discovered a home from home for their dogs. 

Jess Seaford April 2017

Having lost a dog previously and therefore becoming very protective of my new dog, I found it extremely difficult to trust people. I had used numerous services and was let down and could not find the right one. When I came across Trails for Tails they were very understanding of my needs, and my dog took and instant like to Connie and her family. My dog is always happy to go to daycare, and is always well excercised when I return home. Connie sends me photographs of my dog throughout the week to show me what fun she is having with all the other dogs! She always updates me with any relevant information necessary, and most importantly she is an incredible person. She is very knowledgable of animal behaviour and handling and I have noticed a significant positive change in my dogs behaviour since being cared for by connie. I honestly could not rate this service enough, absolutely fantastic value for money, and the quality of service is outstanding. Thank you so much Connie.

Kerrie Seaford Feb 2016

Our Bichon Billy has never been so happy and calm since going to Trails for Tails. Bill loves Connie and her family, he has a home from home while he is in doggie daycare. I would highly recommend Connie to my friends and family.


Julia, Saltdean Jan 2016

We love sending our dog to be looked after by Trails for Tails. We are always confident that she is looked after really well, and reliably. We can trust them to take great care of our dog, and proof is in how much she looks forward to going, is happy and is kept fit with plenty of walks. Brilliant service!

Kim Saltdean Jan’15

Our dog has been taken out by Connie and Kim for several months now, and we have nothing but good things to say about the service. Our dog sometimes used to run away and hide when we suggested a walk, but having been around sometimes when she is collected, we have been pleased to see that she actually waits by the door for Connie or Kim! As others have said, the feedback we get through texts and photos is really helpful. They are very professional but also friendly, and flexible too when we have needed an extra day. Even the business aspects are dealt with very well. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Sean Saltdean Jan’15

I have used Trails For Tails for 5 months and am delighted with the service they provide. Our dog is always excited to see the van. She arrives home tired at the end of the day. I have texts and photos regularly to show me what fun our dog is having. I cannot praise them highly enough.

Stella, Bertie Sept’14

Our Westie (Bertie) spends two days a week with Trails for Tails. Connie often tweets me pictures of him enjoying himself on the daily walk with the other dogs. The service provided by Connie is very professional. I appreciate the flexibility when work demands mean I pick up a bit later than planned!! The acid test is Bertie's excitement when we pull up - he knows he is in for an excellent days fun!!

Eva, Daisy Sept’14

 I have been using Trails for Tails' dog daycare since March 2013. I see Connie and her team as caring, experienced and reliable. I would recommend Trails for Tails' services without hesitation as they are doing a brilliant job.

Jane, Gabriel Aug’14

have a 15 year old rescued Saluki, who just needs a cosy place to snooze for the day, when Connie or Kim come to collect him he goes absolutely bananas and cannot wait to jump into their van to go to their beautiful home and soak up their tender loving care and attention. I go to work knowing he is loved and cherished, I couldn't ask for more.

Peter, Saltdean - Apr'13
I am happy to say Trails for Tails have provided me with an excellent service supporting my King Charles"Charlie" - he has had both daycare and walks from Connie and it has been great to see him progress from a shy and timid little fella to a more confident and social dog. I can't rate them highly enough and knowing they are so caring for Charlie during the week helps with my guilt at working full time and being a doggy Dad. 
Rachel Saltdean - Oct'12
My experience with Trails for Tails has been excellent. My Bischon Frise, Isla is in full time daycare at Trails for Tails and enjoys her long walks with her friends, then back to Connie's home to continue playing. Trails for Tails is incredibly flexible which is exactly what I need as a full time worker who still wants the pleasure of owning a dog without neglecting her during the daytime. I know Isla is happy, safe and thorougly cared for. I could not be happier with this service. 
Paul, Ovingdean - Aug'12
Connie at Trails for Tails has looked after my two dogs in Doggie Day Care for some time and the boys are always happy and well excercised when I pick them up. I would highly recommend Trails for Tails for any dog owner who wants to offer their pet a GOLD STAR SERVICE and peace of mind.
Helen, Saltdean - Nov'11
We have used Trail for Tails for full time daily daycare for a year & a half now, the service is reliable & great value for money. Flexibility is also key & we have tested this often, which always works. We have also used the service for overnight stays - which has been a great success. Highly recommend.
Jeanette, Hove - Sept'11
Trail For Tails has look after my very precious border terrier cross (Stella) in regular daycare & home boarding & I am delighted by the level of care given by Connie. Stella has two walks a day and has lots of stimulation and down time when she needs it. When we are on holiday Connie takes the trouble to text us photos of Stella & even tucks her in with her special blanket. I truly believe that Stella is very happy with Connie @ Trails for Tails and we have the peace of mind that she is in very capable hands.
Anthony, Saltdean - Aug'11
I have been using trails Trails for Tails' daycare services for my Jack Russell since June'11 for full time daycare & Home Boarding. Connie and her team do a great job, they are experienced, flexible, caring and really look after the dogs well. When I collect Jasper in the evenings he is always busy socialising with the other dogs and having a great time - this in itself is well worth the money as he takes these skills with him outside.

If you are looking at any of the services which Trails for Tails are offering I would highly recommend.

Fees are increased by 50% on Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Easter Monday.